The wonder of Christmas appears in so many ways, delighting all our senses with sights, smells and emotions. Christmas is personal and comes in many shades, colors and styles – creating traditions old and new that can be passed down through generations.

Our cut rose collection is a constant source of inspiration and has helped us to create our own seasonal stories, using color as the central theme along with fragrance, to illustrate the beauty and wonder of Christmas.

The snow appeared at the nursery right on cue – swiftly followed by rain and ice! But we could not resist venturing out into the garden. Tess, being the perfect Christmas rose, was accompanied by some rose hips cut from one of our ramblers – but don’t tell our head gardener! This simple arrangement brought a splash of rich color into the wintry garden scene.

Each year we create a Christmas wreath for Mr Austin’s front door. Jo, our florist, set to work creating a classical design using the festive reds of Tess, surrounded by seasonal green foliage and berries. The beauty of Tess improves with age, just like a good Christmas cake, as her color deepens and becomes richer and more velvety.

A softer color palette of blush pink and cream delivers a more modern style. The scented, pale pink rose blooms of Keira accompanied by clusters of seasonal foliage will provide an alternative to Tess’s festive drama.

Not only does Keira offer great beauty with her ruffled blooms but she manages to encapsulate the magic of Christmas in her scent of myrrh with overtones of almond, marzipan and vanilla.

Add candlelight and Keira dresses for dinner perfectly, adding glamour to the special occasion.

Inspired by ‘The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish way to live well’, our third Christmas color scheme incorporated the pale white and cream of Purity, with her central petals dusted in apricot and peach tones. With short days in winter, paler colors add to the overall feeling of peace and light so Purity was our go-to choice of rose. Combined with the silvery-green tones of eucalyptus and accents of blue, the atmosphere felt calm and homely. Purity’s blooms will also perfume the air with their fresh scent of rose water and Turkish delight. Light some church candles, sit back with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy!

Irrespective of the style and color palette you choose, bringing flowers and foliage into your home this Christmas provides a warm and inviting welcome to all your guests.

Christmas is about creating new traditions and stories for the future along with lots of memories. Whatever your story this Christmas we would like to send our very best wishes to you, your family, friends and colleagues at this special time of the year.