It is time to take the lid off and unveil some of the most outstanding new varieties that are coming through our rose breeding program. At the start of a New Year, let’s get a taste of things to come…

NOT just another white rose… this is an ‘OMG’ rose as it stood out from the very first trial stems and has consistently out-performed our expectations. Its overall relaxed and natural appeal is partly down to its unusual trait, where the blooms open at different paces. We simply love its graceful and laidback quality! The fragrance is both superb and long-lasting. We think this could be the next queen of wedding roses… perhaps a perfect suggestion for a future royal wedding!

Expect the unexpected with this variety – how can such a tiny bud hold such a treasure-chest of petals that consistently open in perfect harmony? Boxing gloves at the ready, this rose is a real fighter – even after being squashed flat as a pancake in a recent delivery, its feisty character came to the fore. The stems rehydrated perfectly and the miss-shaped heads blossomed into buxom beauties.

Describing the color of this rose is going to be tricky as it is quite contrary – varying between apricot, orange and yellow! But this variability in color is part of its overall charm and something that we covet. This is nature doing its thing and we applaud it!

Red, red roses – notoriously difficult to breed but we are already in love. It is much too early to predict whether this rose will be a winner as we’ve only just started to receive trial stems. But what we can tell you is that its perfume is incredible and its color is to die for… sumptuous, luscious and decadent to name just a few superlatives. We have all fingers and toes crossed for this one.

The rose breeding process is not for the faint-hearted – it is long and rigorous. 99% of the roses will fall by the wayside as they don’t hit our high standards. Strength and robustness have to go hand in hand with immense beauty as often the journey from our grower to reaching the florist is challenging. So a cut rose has to be a good traveler!

At this stage, our roses have no name – they are simply known by their barcode. The million-dollar question is will these roses graduate from the nursery? This decision lies in the hands of David Jnr and the team. Only time will tell if they make the grade and become part of a future bride’s wedding day.

…. we leave you with a new recruit, born last year and in its first of many assessment years. Hopefully, in time, it will no longer be a rose with a barcode but a rose with a David Austin name.