This Valentine’s Day, why not be remembered for something other than the traditional red rose?

Inspired by our varied collection of pink roses with tones from pale blush to full-on fuchsia, we wanted to create a veritable feast of pink blooms to share with those you love.

Magical MirandaTM (Ausimmon)

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love in all its forms. So what better way to send a message of love to friends and family than with a dozen pink roses? Miranda’s shapely blooms cannot help but make you smile as they open into large rosettes with a cherry-blossom colored heart of central petals.

The romantic beauty of ConstanceTM (Austruss)

Constance personifies why English Roses are considered some of the most romantic flowers. Her beautiful cupped blooms filled with numerous petals are cream at the centre, graduating to Cinderella pinks in the outer petals. Her lovely fruity fragrance completes the enchanting, fairy-tale package.

The seductive powers of CapabilityTM (Ausapply)

In bold contrast, Capability takes us to the other end of the pink spectrum. With her seductive rose perfume she will undoubtedly make a dramatic first impression.

A perfect match

Like strawberries and cream, love and roses are inextricably linked and form the perfect partnership.

The connection between love and roses is not a new one and like love, roses will endure the test of time in whatever colour and shade it may happen to take.

With love from all at David Austin Roses this Valentine’s Day.

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